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Lesson 2 Specifying Testing Requirements
Specifying Testing Requirements
You begin the testing process by specifying testing requirements in
TestDirector's Requirements module. Requirements describe in detail what
needs to be tested in your application and provide the test team with a
foundation on which the entire testing process is based.
You define the requirements in TestDirector by creating a requirements tree.
This is a graphical representation of your requirements specification,
displaying your requirements hierarchically. You can group and sort
requirements in the tree, monitor task allocation and progress of
requirements, and generate detailed reports and graphs.
Once you have created tests in the Test Plan module, you can link
requirements to tests (you will do so, in "Planning Tests" on page 27), and
associate them with defects (you will do so, in "Adding and Tracking
Defects" on page 75
). In this way, you can keep track of your testing needs at
all stages of the testing process. If a testing requirement changes, you can
immediately identify which tests and defects are affected, and who is
In this lesson, you will learn about:
Defining Requirements
Viewing Requirements
Modifying Requirements
Converting Requirements