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<< Display numeration in the requirements tree | Converting Requirements >>
Modifying Requirements
TestDirector Tutorial
Modifying Requirements
You can modify the requirements in the requirements tree. In the following
exercise, you will learn how to copy, rename, move, or delete requirements.
To modify requirements:
1 Display the Requirements module.
Click the Requirements tab. The Requirements module displays the
requirements tree.
2 Copy a requirement.
In the requirements tree, select the Cruise Reservation requirement and click
the Copy button.
Click the Paste arrow and choose Paste.
A message box opens. Click OK. The requirement is pasted underneath the
selected requirement, at the same hierarchical level.
is added to the
end of the requirement's name.
3 Rename the Cruise Reservation_Copy_ requirement.
Right-click the Cruise Reservation_Copy_ requirement and choose Rename.
Edit the requirement name to
Hotel Reservation
Press Enter.
4 Move the Hotel Reservation requirement to a different location in the
requirements tree.
Select the Hotel Reservation requirement.
Click the Cut button.
Select the Reservations Management requirement.
To paste the Hotel Reservation requirement underneath the selected
requirement, click the Paste arrow and choose Paste as Child.