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Defining test requirements

<< What is a SilkTest Testplan? | Test descriptions >>
Getting Started: A Tutorial
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Understanding the SilkTest Testplan Editor
What goes into a
You can use the testplan to capture a variety of information, such as:
An architectural overview of the application and testing approach
Assumptions or risks associated with testing the application
Individuals responsible for testing the application
Prerequisites for testing the application
Software dependencies
Testplan review and revision history
Deciding what to test
One of the most challenging aspects of the test planning process is deciding
which features of the application you want to test and which features do not
require testing at all. Information that can help you clearly define the test
requirements for your application can come from a different sources. Two
primary sources of information are the product requirements document and
the product functional specification. In addition to these documents, feedback
from customers and support staff can also help you determine what to test.
Defining test
When defining test requirements, the goal is to determine how each feature of
the application is supposed to work and then create tests that exercise those
features thoroughly.
It may not be practical to automate all your tests, so you should try to
prioritize your automation strategy. You might consider automating a test if:
It will be repeated frequently
It is relatively easy to automate
It is difficult to reproduce manually
There is high risk associated with not performing the test before the
application is released
Understanding the SilkTest Testplan Editor
The outline created in the testplan editor, the .pln file, like any other outline,
uses indentation to indicate the hierarchical structure of the testplan. The
following example shows a written outline of tests:
I. Billing Information page
A. Verify caption is correct
B. Verify all text fields are empty
C. Verify Place Order push button is enabled
D. Verify number of Credit Cards
E. Verify format of Credit Card
E. Verify Ship To check box is enabled