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What is a SilkTest Testplan?

<< Lesson 3 Planning a Testing Strategy | Defining test requirements >>
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What is a SilkTest Testplan?
What is a SilkTest Testplan?
The SilkTest testplan is an outline that provides a framework for the software
testing process and serves as the point of control for organizing and
managing your test requirements.
By using testplans to plan and manage your automated testing, you reap the
following benefits:
The outline model allows you to use a top-down approach when defining
test requirements. This approach helps you to develop your thoughts
about the testing problem and to refine requirements.
Individual tests in the plan can be assigned characteristics, called
attributes. Attributes can apply either to individual tests or groups of
tests, depending on where you place them in the plan. Tests with a given
attribute or set of attributes can then be run and reported on as a group.
A hierarchical outline reduces redundancy by allowing the statements
that actually implement the tests to be used by just a single test
description or shared by a group of test descriptions.
A testplan yields a comprehensive inventory of test requirements, from
the most general to the most specific.
You can decide what tests you want to run by marking the high-level
description of the test. There's no need to interact with individual script
files or even to know where a testcase is located. You can selectively run
or report on individual tests, groups of tests, or the entire testplan.
A testplan communicates to reviewers how you plan to test the
application and provides them with a framework for evaluating the
testplan's thoroughness and logic. Omissions and redundancies are easy
to spot.
A successful testing effort begins with a well structured testplan. A testplan
consists of two distinct parts: an outline, which is a formatted description of
the test requirements, and statements, which are used to connect the testplan
to SilkTest scripts and testcases that implement the test requirements.