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Using SilkTest with Web Applications

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Getting Started: A Tutorial
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Using SilkTest with Web Applications
Using SilkTest with Web Applications
The challenges of
Testing Web
Testing Web applications poses more of a challenge to the QA engineer than
testing client/server or stand-alone applications, since Web applications:
Must run as expected on various Web browsers on different platforms.
Can have dynamic content that may change on a weekly or even daily
Have dramatically inconsistent response times.
Use a wide variety of technologies.
SilkTest is optimized to face these difficult challenges.
Multiple browsers
People use different browsers on different platforms to access content on the
Web. Typically, you have no control over the browser or platform on which a
user runs your Web application. And browsers are not the same. For example:
Different browsers display the same pages differently: they might align
and size buttons differently; they might render certain text, colors and
special characters differently; they might use different heights for table
rows. The differences can be dramatic.
Different browsers have different message boxes and security dialogs.
Different browsers support different technologies.
If you are providing your application on the Web, you might want to support
multiple browsers, rather than limiting your users to those of a particular
If you have made the decision to support multiple browsers, you'll want to
make sure that your application works as intended and looks good on those
browsers. To that end you will need a Web testing tool that is browser-
independent, enabling you to see objects in a Web application, not just
images, and you need a tool that allows you to create tests against one
browser and run them against others. With SilkTest, you can do cross-
browser testing.
Multiple technologies
Web applications can be implemented using a variety of technologies. These
technologies are constantly evolving and new technologies are being
developed all the time. SilkTest enables you to test your Web applications,
regardless of how they are implemented and regardless of the technologies
that comprise your application.