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The Browser Extensions

<< Using SilkTest with Web Applications | Document Object Model (DOM) extension >>
Getting Started: A Tutorial
1 I
Using SilkTest with Web Applications
Dynamic content
The Web demands information to be current. To meet this demand, the
content of many Web applications changes regularly, requiring your testing
tool be flexible enough to keep up with the changes to your application. With
SilkTest's robust scripting language, 4Test, you can quickly modify your test
scripts to meet the ever-changing face of your application.
Response times in a Web application vary dramatically, depending on the
speed of the server, the speed of the client, network traffic, the speed of your
connection, what needs to be downloaded for a particular user, and so on.
That's not a problem for SilkTest. SilkTest waits until your test page is fully
loaded before it continues.
The Browser Extensions
About browser
An extension is a file that serves to extend the capabilities of, or data
available to, a more basic program. SilkTest provides extensions for testing
applications that use non-standard controls in specific development and
browser environments.
Using the Basic Workflow, you can automatically enable and test extension
settings. You'll have a chance to do this for the GMO application in
2, "Preparing to Use this Tutorial" on page 25
Browser extensions enable you to test Web applications. Before testing your
Web application, you must specify the appropriate browser extensions on
your target and host machines. SilkTest includes the following browser
extensions, each of which is described briefly in this chapter:
Document Object Model (DOM) browser extension
Virtual Object (VO) browser extension
You must tell SilkTest which extensions to load for each AUT--regardless of
whether the application will run locally or on remote machines. You do this
by enabling an extension on your host machine and on each target machine
before you record or run tests.
Once extensions are enabled for applications under test, SilkTest sends each
Agent the list of extensions to be loaded, and the Agent dynamically loads
the appropriate extensions for testing each application.
Before you can begin testing, you must determine which browser extensions
to enable for the applications that you plan to test.