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Commands - Record menu
<< Commands - Outline menu | Commands - Recorded Actions >>
User's Guide
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Record menu
Outline/Transpose Up
Exchanges the current line or selected lines with the previous line. Adjust the
indent or outdent using Edit/Move Right and Edit/Move Left.
Outline/Uncomment Block
Available when the active window is a 4Test script, include file, or plan.
Removes a single-line comment (indicated by //) from the current line or
selected lines.
Record menu
The Record menu contains the following commands:
Application State...
Window Declarations...
Window Identifiers...
Window Locations...
Opens the Record Actions dialog, shown below, which records the actions
you perform to test an application, translates them into 4Test statements, and
displays them in the Recorded Actions window. In addition, you can add a
4Test verification statement or method for a GUI object.
Typically, you then insert (paste) the statements into a script file at the cursor
position, where you can edit them and write additional statements. If no file is
open, SilkTest inserts the actions into an untitled script window.