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User's Guide
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Help menu
File/Save Object File
Available only when a script or include file is view-only. Writes the contents
of the current include file or script to disk in compiled form. Useful when you
are working with a file that you don't have write access to and want to create
an object file.
Help menu
The Help menu contains the following commands:
Help Topics
Library Browser...
Online User's Guide...
Help/Help Topics...
Starts SilkTest online Help. For information on its contents, look at the topic
"About this Help".
Help/Library Browser...
Starts the Library Browser, an online facility for quickly looking up
documentation for built-in and user-defined 4Test methods, properties, and
Note For information about using the Library Browser, see "The
Library Browser" on page 38.
For information about modifying the
contents of the Library Browser, see Chapter 18, "Modifying the
Library Browser".
Help/Online User's Guide...
Displays an online version of this manual. For more information, see "Online
User's Guide" on page 41