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Debugger - Viewing the debugging transcript
<< Debugger - Stepping into and over functions | Debugger - Viewing the call stack >>
User's Guide
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Viewing the debugging transcript
Step Over command
Step Over also executes the next line in a script. However, if the line is a
function call, SilkTest executes the function without stopping. You use Step
Over to speed up debugging if you know a particular function is bug-free.
Finish Function
You use Finish Function to execute the script until the current function
returns. The focus will be at the line where the function returns. Try using
Finish Function in combination with Step Into to step into a function and then
run it.
Viewing the debugging transcript
When you debug a script, SilkTest records error information and output from
print statements in a transcript, not in a results file.
Procedure To view the transcript, select View/Transcript when execution is
The transcript is displayed in a new window. You can save its contents in
a text file by selecting File/Save.
Sending commands
to the test application
The Transcript window has an Execute field that you can use to send
commands to the application you are testing. You can type in any command
that would be valid in a script and click Execute. For example, you might
want to print the value of a variable or the contents of a window.
Including the called
You can have SilkTest record all the methods that a script or script invoked in
the transcript. Each entry includes the method name and the arguments
passed into the method. This information can be useful for debugging
because it tells you exactly what GUI functions were actually called by the
running script.
Procedure To enable viewing the trace listing, check the Print Agent Calls
option (and if you want, the Print Tags with Agent Calls option) in the
Runtime Options dialog before running a script.
Procedure To check the Agent trace during debugging, select View/
Transcript when execution pauses.
In addition to error information and output from print statements, the
transcript also lists all methods called by the script.