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<< TDP compilation fails | To control files from the Tools menu >>
<< TDP compilation fails | To control files from the Tools menu >>

Working with Rational ClearCase

Working with Other Development
Rational Test RealTime is a versatile tool that is designed to integrate with your
existing development environment.
Working with Configuration Management
The GUI provides an interface that allows you to control your project files through a
configuration management (CM) system such as Rational ClearCase and submit
software defect report to a Rational ClearQuest system.
Note Before using any configuration management tool, you must first
configure the CMS Preferences dialog box. See Customizing Configuration
You can also set up the GUI to use a CM system of your choice.
Working with Rational ClearCase
Rational ClearCase is a configuration management system (CMS) tool providing
version control, workspace management, process configurability, and build
management. With ClearCase, your development team gets a scalable, best-practices-
based development process that simplifies change management shortening your
development cycles, ensuring the accuracy of your releases, and delivering reliable
builds and patches for your previously shipped products.
By default, Test RealTime offers configuration management support for ClearCase.
You can however customize the product to support different configuration
management software. When using ClearCase you can instantly control your files
from the product Tools menu.
Note Before using ClearCase commands, select Rational ClearCase as your
CMS tool in the CMS Preferences.
Source Control Commands.