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Application Map Objects and Properties

Application Map Objects and Their Properties
Application Map Objects and Their Properties
The application map includes objects that represent all of the controls that
TestFactory found in the AUT user interface, the actions that exposed additional
user interface, and the transitional states encountered, such as a window closing.
The following figure shows part of the application map for the "Classics" sample
The application map contains
UI objects, action objects, shortcuts, and transition
objects. Except for shortcuts, each object in the application map is an instance of an
object class found in the UI library. The basic object types are described below.
TestFactory displays the following five types of objects in the application map
hierarchy under StartAUT:
Known UI objects represent the various controls that the Application Mapper
identified in the user interface. These include check boxes, list boxes, command
buttons, combo boxes, grid controls, and so on. Each is an instance of a
UI object class in the UI library.
StartAUT object
UI objects
action object
transition object
NOTE: TestFactory maps some control types, such as grid controls and
calendars, that TestFactory does not currently test. TestFactory maps a grid
control as a grid UI object, but Pilots cannot exercise the cells in the grid
unless you first create region objects for them. For information about
creating region objects, see Creating and Mapping a Region Object for an
Unmapped Control
on page 4-47.