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<< About TrueMap Technology | Specifying Support Scripts >>

Setting Up the Mapping Environment

Mapping the AUT for the First Time
Setting Up the Mapping Environment
During the mapping process in TestFactory, the more closely the working
environment resembles that of an actual use situation, the more complete and
accurate the resulting application map. A real person using an application changes the
system environment to provide appropriate input and to otherwise get the
application to function as it is designed to function. The user might change certain
system settings, import a bitmap file to edit, or populate a form with data from a
spreadsheet program. Without this input, the application cannot perform all of the
functions it is capable of performing.
A user also determines the best time to exercise a control in an application. For
example, a user clicks a specific command button only when it is enabled, and not
while the application is responding to a previous event. If an action is not properly
timed, the application cannot respond correctly.
The Application Mapper tab in TestFactory contains controls that you can use to
set up a realistic use environment before you map the AUT. This section describes
how to specify support scripts for TestFactory to run before and after mapping, and
how to set the maximum amount of time the Application Mapper waits to perform
the next action after it exercises a control.
NOTE: In addition to the main application, you can map secondary applications
that the AUT loads and executes. For information about mapping secondary
executable files, see Mapping Secondary Applications on page 4-69.