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<< Work with the AUT in TestFactory | Working with C++ Applications >>
<< Work with the AUT in TestFactory | Working with C++ Applications >>

Selecting the IDE Extensions

If you are using Sun or IBM Java Virtual Machines (JVM), each time you install a
new Java environment on a test machine, you must run the Rational PureCoverage
cstart utility with a Java application.
To set up a new Java environment, do the following:
The cstart utility is located in: C:\Program Files\Rational\Coverage\cstart.exe or
the directory where you installed your Rational software.
At the command line prompt, type:
C:\> cstart java <name_of_Java_app>
For example:
C:\> cstart java -jar HelloWorld.jar
Enabling C++ Applications
To test the properties and data of ActiveX controls in C++ applications, manually
add the ActiveX Test Control to each OLE container (Window) in your application.
For information about how to add the ActiveX Test Control, see the documentation
that comes with your C/C++ development environment.
Selecting the IDE Extensions to Load for the AUT
Before you can work with a Visual Basic application, Java application, or Java applet
in TestFactory or Robot, you must start Robot and select the IDE extensions to load
for the programming language. (IDE extension support for C++ is always loaded.)
This ensures that the correct extensions are loaded for mapping and testing
the AUT.
To select the IDE extension to load:
1. Click Start > Programs > Rational Suite TestStudio > Rational Robot.
2. Log on to the project.
3. Click Tools > Extension Manager.
NOTE: If you do not run the cstart utility with a Java application, you will not be
able to run TestFactory pilots to gather code coverage information on Java
applications in the new Java environment.