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<< Selecting the IDE Extensions | Using Rational Robot manual >>
<< Selecting the IDE Extensions | Using Rational Robot manual >>

Working with C++ Applications

Preparing to Work with the Application-Under-Test in TestFactory
4. Leave the Visual Basic or Java check box selected. To improve performance,
clear the remaining check boxes.
5. Click OK.
6. To close the message box, click OK.
7. Quit Robot.
Once you enable your application and specify the IDE extensions to load, you can
starting working with it in TestFactory.
Working with C++ Applications in TestFactory and Robot
If you are working with an application written in C++, we recommend that you
change the default object recognition method order setting in Robot before you
start to work with the application in TestStudio. The default recognition method
order that is set in Robot optimizes control recognition in Visual Basic applications.
You can change this setting to optimize control recognition in C++. This improves
the quality and stability of the scripts you generate to test the C++ application as
changes are made to the user interface of the AUT during development.
To change the object recognition method order setting in Robot:
1. Click Start > Programs > Rational Suite TestStudio > Rational Robot.
2. Log on to the project.
3. Click Tools > GUI Record Options, and then click the Object Recognition
Order tab.
4. In the Object order preference list, click C++ Recognition Order.
5. Click OK.
6. Quit Robot.