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<< Using the TestCodeChanges Add-In | Creating and Running a Regression Suite >>
<< Using the TestCodeChanges Add-In | Creating and Running a Regression Suite >>

Viewing Changed Files

Using the TestCodeChanges Add-In
To specify a different executable file to test:
1. Click Project Properties.
2. In the AUT executable box, enter the path to a different executable file.
3. To pass one or more command-line arguments to the AUT when it is started,
type the argument in the Command line box. Be sure to specify the command-
line argument in the syntax that the AUT requires.
4. In the Start in box, enter the full path to the working directory. If you do not
enter a start path, TestCodeChanges uses the AUT executable path.
5. Click OK.
Viewing Changed Files and the Scripts that Exercise Them
The Changed files list displays the names of all of the changed source code files and
the date on which each was changed. Changed files are listed in descending order of
the date they were changed, with the most recently changed file listed at the top.
To toggle the sort order of the displayed source code files:
Click the Date Modified column heading.
If the Changed files list displays more than one source file, and you want to
determine which of the listed scripts exercises one of the files, leave the check box
next to the file name selected and clear the check boxes next to all of the other
file names.
The Scripts that exercise changed files list displays all of the project scripts that
exercise the files listed on the left, and for which TestFactory calculated code
coverage. The value displayed in the Percent column indicates the percent of source
code in the changed file that the script exercises. If a listed script exercises two or
more of the changed source files, then its Percent value represents an average percent
of code that the script exercises in all of the changed files it touches.