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<< Child objects of a UI object | Specifying a Wait Interval >>

Specifying a Delay Interval

Testing Controls in the AUT During Pilot Runs
Specifying a Delay Interval to Include in Generated Scripts
If a functional area of the AUT requires some lag time to respond to an action such
as a left click, you can specify a delay interval to apply each time the action is used
during testing. The delay interval value that you set forces Robot to wait the specified
number of seconds before performing the next action during Pilot runs. TestFactory
automatically adds code for the delay interval to the Pilot-generated scripts that
include the action object.
To specify a delay interval for an action:
1. In the application map, click the action object for which you want to set a
delay interval.
2. In the Properties view, expand the Pilot properties group.
3. Click the Value field for DelayInterval, and then type a value, in seconds, to set
the duration of the delay.
When Robot encounters a delay value in a script, it waits for the specified amount of
time before continuing playback. A delay value is useful if the action takes more time
than that specified in the Delay between commands box in Robot. (For
information about the Delay between commands box, see the topic Setting GUI
Playback Options
in Robot Help.
Because the delay interval is encoded in Pilot-generated scripts, and is independent
of Pilot property settings in TestFactory, the delay is imposed whether you open and
play back the script in TestFactory or in Robot.
DelayInterval property