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<< Redirecting a Shortcut | Mapping Similar Windows >>

Adjusting Sensitivity to Differences

Developing and Working with the Application Map
4. To complete the change, remap the AUT. To have TestFactory remap
immediately, click Map now. If you prefer to make additional changes to the
application map before you remap, click I will map later.
Adjusting Sensitivity to Differences in Window Objects
If you find the Application Mapper is too sensitive or is not sensitive enough to
differences between windows in the AUT, you can change the
WindowMatchThreshold property value that the Application Mapper uses to make
its window comparison decision. If you change the WindowMatchThreshold value
for a window class in the UI library, the threshold setting affects all subsequent
comparisons of windows belonging to that class. If you change the value for a specific
window object in the application map, the threshold setting affects only that
window object.
The WindowMatchThreshold property has a default percent value of 80. This
setting affects mapping in the following way:
If the Application Mapper compares two windows and finds that at least 80
percent of their characteristics match, then it merges them and maps the
windows as a single instance of the MainWindow UI object class. The first
instance encountered is mapped as a window UI object. A subsequent instance
is mapped as a shortcut that points to the original window object.
If less than 80 percent of the characteristics in two windows match, then the
Application Mapper places two separate window UI objects in the
application map.
To adjust Application Mapper sensitivity globally for all subsequent mappings of
window controls belonging to a window UI object class:
1. Expand the UI Library folder.
2. Click the window UI object class for which you want to adjust the comparison
NOTE: If you choose to map later, be sure to map the affected area to full
depth. The correct starting object you use for mapping later depends on
whether you make additional changes that also require remapping, such as
splitting windows or redirecting a shortcut. For important information about
selecting the correct starting object for mapping, see the topic Redirect a
in TestFactory Help.
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