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<< Testing Computer Software | What Is Visual Modeling? >>
Modeling the Enhancement
<< Testing Computer Software | What Is Visual Modeling? >>
Modeling the
So far, you have defined a use case requirement for the enhancement.
The test organization has started test planning. In this chapter, you continue to
incorporate designs for the use case requirement into a visual model
using Rational Rose.
This chapter applies to software designers and developers.
Getting Your Bearings
In this chapter, you use Rational Rose. To determine whether Rose is installed on your
computer, refer to the tool chart you filled out in Table 1, Rational Suite Tools, on page
If Rose is not installed, you can still benefit from reading this chapter, but you will not
be able to perform the exercises.
If Rose is installed, start it now:
Click Start > Programs > <RationalSuiteProductName> > Rational Rose.
If you did not perform the exercises in Creating Requirements on page 63, perform
the steps to start Rose on page 70. Then skip to the following steps of this exercise.
In the Create New Model dialog box, click the Recent tab.
Click the
Rose model, then click Open. If Rose asks whether to
load subunits, click Yes.
Rose displays a hierarchical tree browser in the upper-left pane (the Rose browser).
In the right pane (the
window), it displays the logical view of the
architecture showing how the top-level packages in the system interact.