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Rational TestManager
<< RequisitePro tutorial | What Is Test Planning >>
Test Planning
So far, you have defined requirements for the enhancement. You
have not yet modeled or implemented code. However, you are ready to start test
planning with Rational TestManager.
This chapter applies to testers, quality assurance managers, and other team members
responsible for system testing.
Getting Your Bearings
In this chapter, you use Rational TestManager. To determine whether TestManager is
installed on your computer, refer to the tool chart you filled out in Table 1, Rational
Suite Tools, on page 29.
If TestManager is not installed, you can still benefit from reading this chapter, but you
will not be able to perform the exercises.
If TestManager is installed, start it now by clicking Start > Programs >
<RationalSuiteProductName> > Rational TestManager
. The Rational Test Login dialog box
Exercise: Open the Webshop Project
In the Rational Test Login dialog box, use the following values:
In the User Name and Password boxes, type
Make sure the Project box displays
Make sure the Location box displays
Click OK.
TestManager opens the Webshop project. Make sure the Planning tab is selected to
see a tree browser in the left pane (the Test Asset Workspace). You can now work
with the project.