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Tools for Analysts
<< Tools That Unify Your Team | Tools for Developers >>
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Rational Suite
Rational TestManager
Helps you create real-world functional and multiuser tests to
determine the reliability and performance of Web, multi-tier, and database
applications. TestManager tracks how many tests have been planned, scripted, and
carried out; which requirements have been covered; and the number of tests that have
passed and failed. TestManager allows your team to objectively assess project status,
and create and customize reports to communicate these findings to project
Rational ProjectConsole
Helps you track project metrics by automatically generating
charts and gauges from data produced during software development. ProjectConsole
is integrated with Microsoft Project so that you can create a centralized project plan.
ProjectConsole helps you organize project artifacts on a central Web site so all team
members can view them.
Rational Developer Network
Helps you expand and hone professional skills, and stay
ahead of the technology curve. The
Rational Developer Network is an online
community for software professionals, providing useful information, an opportunity
to exchange ideas with other software professionals, and best practices for software
development teams. The network delivers white papers, documentation, articles, and
Tools for Analysts
An analyst's role is to:
Determine what the system does.
Represent the user's needs to the development organization.
Specify and manage requirements.
Rational Suite AnalystStudio
Rational Suite AnalystStudio supports the analysts on your team. It contains the
Team Unifying Platform
Rational Rose (Professional Data Modeler Edition).
Enables visual modeling of
databases, architectures, and components using the industry-standard Unified
Modeling Language (UML). The UML is a language for specifying, visualizing,
constructing, and documenting software systems. This edition of Rose integrates
the modeling environment with the database design environment, mapping the
object and data models, tracking changes across business, application and data