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Tools That Unify Your Team
<< What Is Rational Suite? | Tools for Analysts >>
What Is Rational Suite?
Tools That Unify Your Team
Rational Suite Team Unifying Platform
Rational Suite Team Unifying Platform
unifies all members of a software development
team to maximize productivity and quality. It provides best practices and integrated
tools for managing change, building high-quality applications, and communicating
results from requirements to release.
Rational Suite Team Unifying Platform is useful to project members who need access
to common project information, but do not need any of the optimized, role-specific
tools found in the other Suite editions. For example, project and program managers,
project administrators, and development managers use the tools in this Suite edition.
The Team Unifying Platform is included in every Rational Suite edition. It contains
the following tools:
Rational Unified Process
An online collection of software best practices (pages 18 20 /span>
for an overview) that guide your team through the software development process.
The Rational Unified Process (also known as RUP) provides guidelines, templates,
and Tool Mentors (instructions for applying the guidelines to specific Rational tools)
for each phase of the development lifecycle.
Rational RequisitePro
Helps you organize, prioritize, track, and control changing
project requirements. With the
interface, users can access, create, and
manage requirements from a Web browser.
Rational ClearQuest
Manages change activity associated with software development,
including enhancement requests, defect reports, and documentation modifications.
ClearQuest Web
provides all major ClearQuest operations, such as
submitting records, finding records, creating or editing queries and reports, and
creating shortcuts, from a Web browser.
helps you share change
request information across a geographically distributed team.
Rational SoDA
Automatically generates project documents by extracting information
from files you produce during project development, including: source code and files
produced with Rational tools. SoDA uses predefined templates or your own
customized templates to format the information. SoDA is integrated with Microsoft
Word for ease of use and easy customizing.
Rational ClearCase LT
Provides software configuration management and a built-in
process to track changes to all software project assets, including: requirements, visual
models, and code. It also provides a Web interface, allowing users to perform all
major ClearCase LT operations. ClearCase LT supports Unified Change Management,
Rational's best practices process for managing change and controlling workflow.