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Tools for Developers
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What Is Rational Suite?
Tools for Developers
A developer's role is to:
Determine how the system works.
Define the architecture.
Create, modify, manage, and test code.
Rational Suite offers two editions to support the developers and architects on your
team: Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio and Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio
RealTime Edition.
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio
Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio supports system developers, designers, and
architects. Rational Suite DevelopmentStudio contains the Team Unifying Platform
Rational Rose (Enterprise Edition).
Enables visual modeling of architectures,
components, and data using UML. Rational Rose can regenerate the framework of
your code in Java, C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and other popular languages. Rose
is also tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio and IBM VisualAge for Java.
The Rose round-trip engineering feature helps you automate the process of
maintaining consistency between a model and its implementation.
Rational QualityArchitect.
This rational Rose add-in automates the mechanical
aspects of test code creation by generating test code from visual models. This
feature of Rose allows developers to automatically generate component tests by
building stubs and drivers before an application is complete. This is important
because early testing helps to reduce project risk. Your team can determine how a
potential system architecture meets functional and performance requirements,
before developing the design further. Rational QualityArchitect supports
Enterprise JavaBeans, COM, COM+, and DCOM models.
Rational PureCoverage.
Identifies which parts of your Java, Visual C++, or Visual
Basic program have and have not been exercised. Exposes testing gaps so you can
prevent untested application code from reaching your users.
Rational Purify.
Pinpoints run-time errors and memory leaks in Visual C++
application code, and errors related to garbage-collection in Java application code.
Rational Quantify.
Profiles your Java, Visual C++, or Visual Basic application to
help you identify performance issues in your source code.