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Using TestFactory with Rational Robot
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Learning About Rational TestFactory
Running a Pilot
A TestFactory Pilot uses the instrumented application and the application map to
generate a test script, named best script, that exercises as much of the application as
possible. As it builds the best script, the Pilot automatically uncovers severe program
defects and generates defect scripts. You can play back a defect script to reproduce an
error in the application.
To create these scripts, TestFactory thoroughly explores the application's user
interface and source code. After creating these test scripts, TestFactory shows exactly
which source code and which objects in a user interface the script tests.
After a Pilot run is completed, TestFactory displays summary results:
You can examine the best script both to read a human-language outline of the
script and also to see code coverage results.
You can use a defect script to quickly determine the line of code on which the
defect occurred and submit a defect report into ClearQuest.
Test Suites: Putting It All Together
Use a test suite to organize scripts and to run them automatically as a group. In a test
suite, you can include:
Scripts generated by TestFactory best scripts and defect scripts.
Scripts you record or write in Robot.
You can run tests from a test suite locally on your own computer or you can use
TestManager Agents to distribute test scripts in a test suite to computers on a
network, for example, in a test lab.
Using TestFactory with Rational Robot
TestFactory complements and builds on Rational Robot features. By using both tools,
you can develop and run regression tests that validate specific, critical paths through
an application. TestFactory takes advantage of the advanced object recognition and
playback features of Robot to automatically generate scripts that test an entire
application. TestFactory also provides detailed coverage data on scripts created in
As described in the next chapter, you use Robot to discover defects based on product
requirements. You can use Robot to add verification points to enhance an optimized
TestFactory script.