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Rational Purify
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Chapter 9 - Reliability Testing
Run-Time Analysis Tools in Rational Suite
Rational Purify
Run-time memory-reference errors and memory leaks are some of the most difficult
errors to locate and the most important to correct. They often remain undetected until
triggered by a random event, so that a program can appear to work correctly when
actually it's not.
Rational Purify is a comprehensive run-time error detection tool that works with
Visual C++ and Java source code. Purify can find memory errors in every component
of your program, even if you don't have the source code. If Purify detects an error in
an area of the application for which the source code is available, it identifies and
displays the command that caused the invalid memory reference. For Java programs,
Purify analyzes and reports memory usage.
Purify can also collect coverage data as you check your code for errors, pinpointing
the part of your program that you have not tested. You can use Purify's coverage data
to make sure that all your code is free of errors (see Figure 35).
Figure 35
Sample Error Detection Results from Rational Purify