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SoDA Templates
<< Working with SoDA | Explore the project Web site >>
Managing Project Status
Working with SoDA Templates
Although working with SoDA templates is beyond the scope of this tutorial, this
section provides pointers to help you get started.
Optional Exercise: View the template tool for this SoDA template.
In Word, display the use case template, RUP Use Case Report.doc by clicking
Window > RUP Use Case Report
Click SoDA > Template View to display the SoDA Template View tool.
Study how each line translates into the template's macros.
Close the Template View, then quit SoDA for Word by choosing File > Exit. If you
are prompted to save your changes, click No.
What Is ProjectConsole?
ProjectConsole simplifies access to project information and helps you measure
progress and quality. It automatically collects project artifacts from all Rational Suite
tools and structures them into a project Web site that all Web-enabled team members
can use. In addition, ProjectConsole collects metrics about requirements, designs,
tests, and defect status so that you can easily understand the true status of your
Using the Project Web Site
ProjectConsole improves team communication by providing one project Web site that
hosts project artifacts such as use case reports, defects, and metric reports.
ProjectConsole automatically extracts artifacts like these from Rational Suite or select
third-party tools. ProjectConsole displays the artifacts in a project Web site according
to the structure you have defined (see Figure 32).
This flexibility allows project leaders to easily adapt the Web site's information
structure to best fit the needs of their team or organization. Project leaders decide
what information should be displayed and how it should be organized so that all
team members can easily find and access project artifacts. The project Web site can be
refreshed on demand and on a schedule, making sure that all team members are
always viewing the most current artifacts.