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<< Setting Up the Sample Java Applet | Swing Under Windows XP >>
<< Setting Up the Sample Java Applet | Swing Under Windows XP >>

Swing Foundation Classes

Testing Java Applets and Applications
Installing the Sample Java Applet
To install the sample Java applet:
1. Click Start > Programs > Rational product name > Rational Test >
Set Up Rational Test Samples.
2. Select Java Sample.
3. Click Next to complete the installation.
Installing the Swing Foundation Classes
The sample Java applet requires Sun's JFC 1.1 or Swing foundation classes version
1.1 or later. You can download JFC/Swing from
After you download the Swing foundation classes, install them.
Installing Swing Under Windows NT 4.0
To install the Swing foundation classes on a computer running Windows NT 4.0:
1. Double-click the file that you just downloaded to install Swing on your
2. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
3. Double-click System.
4. Click the Environment tab.
5. Click CLASSPATH under System Variables.
6. Move the cursor to the end of the Value box. Type a semicolon and the full path
to the swingall.jar file.
This file is installed when you install Swing. For example, if you installed
Swing-1.1 at the root of your C drive, you would type the following:
7. Click Set.
8. Click OK.
NOTE: When you run the Java Enabler, the Swing foundation classes are
automatically installed. For information, see Running the Java Enabler on page 15-5.