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<< Java Foundation Class | Updates the CLASSPATH >>

Running the Java Enabler

Making Java Applets and Applications Testable
Running the Java Enabler
By default, Java testing is disabled in Robot. To enable Java testing, run the Java
Enabler. The Java Enabler is a wizard that scans your hard drive looking for Java
environments such as Web browsers and Sun JDK installations that Robot supports.
The Java Enabler only enables those environments that are currently installed.
To run the Java Enabler:
1. Make sure that Robot is closed.
2. Click Start > Programs > Rational product name > Rational Test >
Java Enabler.
3. Select one of the available Java enabling types.
NOTE: If you install a new Java environment such as a new release of a browser
or JDK, you must rerun the Enabler after you complete the installation of the Java
environment. You can download updated versions of the Java Enabler from the
Rational Web site whenever support is added for new environments. To obtain
the most up-to-date Java support, simply rerun the Java Enabler.