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<< Supported Foundation Class Libraries | Running the Java Enabler >>
<< Supported Foundation Class Libraries | Running the Java Enabler >>

Java Foundation Class

Testing Java Applets and Applications
Java Foundation Class (JFC)
JFC is an extension to AWT that provides additional graphical user interface
classes, such as:
Drag and Drop
Java-2D, Java-3D
Windows Foundation Classes (WFC). Java programs using WFC components
run only on Microsoft JVMs.
Symantec Visual Cafe
KL Group
Oracle Class
In future releases, Rational will provide support for additional foundation class
libraries. For information about the most recent enhancements, see the Rational
Web site.
Making Java Applets and Applications Testable
To make Java applets and applications testable:
Run the Java Enabler. The Java Enabler makes each host environment testable.
Verify that the Java extension is loaded. The Java extension includes those
additions to Robot that allow Robot to test Java.
These tasks are described in the following sections.
NOTE: For information about how to enable your computer to support other
foundation classes such as Swing, see Setting Up the Sample Java Applet on page