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<< WebForms Applications | Testing Hybrid Applications >>

Diagnostic Tool Options

Testing .NET Applications
3. Before you record, set your recording options. You can also set these options
after you start recording. For information, see Setting GUI Recording Options on
page 2-5.
4. Click the Record GUI Script button on the toolbar.
5. Type a name (40 characters maximum) or select a script from the list.
The listed scripts have already been defined in TestManager, recorded in Robot,
or generated in TestFactory. To change the list, select a query from the Query
If a prefix has been defined for script autonaming, Robot displays the prefix in
the Name box. To edit this name, either type in the Name box, or click
Options, change the prefix in the Prefix box (or clear the box), and click OK.
6. To change the recording options, click Options. When finished, click OK.
7. If you selected a previously defined or recorded script, you can change the
properties by clicking Properties. When finished, click OK.
8. To change the properties of a script, record the script first. After recording, click
File > Properties.
9. Click OK to start recording.
10. In the floating GUI Record toolbar, click the Display GUI Insert Toolbar
11. In the GUI Insert toolbar, click the Insert StartDNApplication button.
12. In the Start Managed Application dialog box, select or browse to the application
you want to test.
13. In the Start Managed Application dialog box, click OK to launch your Visual
Studio.NET Windows Forms application within Robot's recorder.
Diagnostic Tool Options
Robot supports the use of the Rational diagnostic tools to perform runtime error
checking, profile application performance, and to analyze code coverage during
playback of a Robot script. For information about these options, see Collecting
Diagnostic Information During Playback
on page 1-12.
NOTE: Since Rational Administrator no longer supports Windows 98 and
Windows Me, you must connect to a remote test datastore when using Robot
to record a script on either of these two platforms. Use the Browse button on
the Robot Test Login dialog box to select the location of the Rational project