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<< Object Scripting Commands | Testing LOVs and Record Groups >>

Testing an Object's Data

Testing Oracle Forms Applications
Testing an Object's Data
You can use the Object Data verification point to test the data in the following Oracle
Base-table blocks and items
LOV and record group objects
For instructions about testing an object's data, see Object Data Verification Point in the
Robot Help Index.
Testing Base-Table Blocks and Base-Table Items
Several predefined data tests are supplied with Robot to test any base-table block or
base-table item. These tests include:
Current Record Captures the currently selected record.
Displayed Records Captures the currently displayed records.
Entire Table Captures the entire contents of the database table associated with
the object.
Use the Object Data Test Definition to define additional data tests. (For
information, see Appendix A, Working with Data Tests.)
NOTE: Before you can test an Oracle Forms application, run the Enabler. For
instructions, see Making Oracle Forms Applications Testable on page 12-2.
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