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<< Part 6 - Appendixes | An Example of a Data Test >>
<< Part 6 - Appendixes | An Example of a Data Test >>

Appendix A - Working with Data Tests

Working with Data Tests
This appendix describes how to work with data tests, which are used with the Object
Data verification point. This appendix includes the following topics:
About data tests
An example of a data test
Creating or editing a custom data test
Copying, renaming, or deleting a data test
For information about the Object Data verification point, see Object Data verification
in the Robot Help Index.
About Data Tests
The Object Data verification point supports data tests to capture the data in objects.
In general, there are two types of data tests:
Built-in data tests Delivered with Robot. Built-in tests are available to all
users no matter which repository they are using. These tests cannot be edited,
renamed, or deleted, but they can be copied and viewed.
Custom data tests Created within your organization. Each custom data test
is stored in the repository that was active when the data test was created. If you
switch to a different repository, the custom data tests are not available unless you
recreate them in the new repository. Custom data tests can be edited, renamed,
and deleted.
When you use the Object Data verification point to test an object that has more than
one data test, Robot displays a list of all of the object's data tests (built-in and