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Editing Datapool Configuration

Working with Datapools
Step 1. Editing Datapool Configuration
You begin the process of creating a datapool by editing the
statement that Robot automatically generates in a script.
has two basic purposes:
During datapool creation, it specifies the datapool columns for Robot to create,
if any.
During test runtime, it provides information such as the access order of datapool
rows, and whether script variables should be assigned values from the datapool
or use the literal values provided during recording.
The best way to edit
is by editing the Robot Configure
Datapool in Test Script dialog box rather than by editing the script directly.
To edit datapool configuration and to begin the process of defining and generating
a datapool:
1. If the script that accesses the datapool is not open for editing, click File >
Test Script to open it.
2. Click Edit >
Datapool Information to open the Configure Datapool in Test
Script dialog box.
This dialog box lets you edit the
section of the script.
3. Either accept the defaults in the Configure Datapool in Test Script dialog box,
or make any appropriate changes.
Use the table on page 10-16 to help you modify the settings in this dialog box.
4. When finished making any changes, click Save.
section of the script is updated according to the
values set in the Configure Datapool in Test Script dialog box.
is included only in session scripts. As a result, this
section is not applicable for GUI scripts, or if you are creating a datapool for
exclusive use by a GUI script. To create a datapool that is accessed only by GUI
scripts, see Using Datapools with GUI Scripts on page 10-24.
NOTE: By default, the Usage column (see page 10-19) contains the value
EXCLUDE for each script variable listed in the grid. This means that Robot
does not create a datapool column for these variables when it creates the
datapool. To have Robot automatically create datapool columns when it
creates the datapool, change the Usage values to INCLUDE or OVERRIDE.