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<< Planning and Managing Tests in TestManager | Managing Defects with Rational ClearQuest >>
<< Planning and Managing Tests in TestManager | Managing Defects with Rational ClearQuest >>
Testing Applications with Rational TestFactory
Introduction to Rational Robot
Design Test. The activity of test designing is primarily answering the question,
"How am I going to do a test?" When you complete your test designing, you end
up with a test design that helps you understand how you are going to perform
the test case. In TestManager, you can design your test cases by indicating the
actual steps that need to occur in that test. You also specify the pre-conditions,
post-conditions, and acceptance criteria.
Implement Test. The activity of implementing your tests is primarily creating
reusable scripts. In TestManager, you can implement your tests by creating
manual scripts. You can also implement automated tests by using Rational
Robot. You can extend TestManager through APIs so that you can access your
own implementation tools from TestManager. Because of this extensibility, you
can implement your tests by building scripts in whatever tools are appropriate in
your situation and organization.
Execute Tests. The activity of executing your tests is primarily running your
scripts to make sure that the system functions correctly. In TestManager, you
can run any of the following: (1) an individual script, which runs a single
implementation; (2) one or more test cases, which run the implementations of
the test cases; (3) a suite, which runs test cases and their implementations across
multiple computers and users.
Evaluate Tests. The activity of evaluating tests is determining the quality of the
system-under-test. In TestManager, you can evaluate tests by examining the
results of test execution in the test log, and by running various reports.
Planning and managing tests is only one part of Rational TestManager. You also use
TestManager to view the logs created by Robot. For information on using the log,
see Analyzing Results in the Log and Comparators on page 1-6. TestManager is also used
to do performance testing. See Performance Testing with Rational TestManager on page
Testing Applications with Rational TestFactory
Rational TestFactory is a component-based testing tool that automatically generates
TestFactory scripts according to the application's navigational structure.
TestFactory is integrated with Robot and its components to provide a full array of
tools for team testing under Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 98, and
Windows 95.
With TestFactory, you can:
Automatically create and maintain a detailed map of the application-under-test.
Automatically generate both scripts that provide extensive product coverage and
scripts that encounter defects, without recording.