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<< Testing Applications with Rational TestFactory | Performance Testing with Rational TestManager >>
<< Testing Applications with Rational TestFactory | Performance Testing with Rational TestManager >>
Managing Defects with Rational ClearQuest
Using Robot with Other Rational Products
Track executed and unexecuted source code, and report its detailed findings.
Shorten the product testing cycle by minimizing the time invested in writing
navigation code.
Play back Robot scripts in TestFactory to see extended code coverage
information and to create regression suites; play back TestFactory scripts in
Robot to debug them.
For more information about TestFactory, see its manuals and Help.
Managing Defects with Rational ClearQuest
Rational ClearQuest is a change-request management tool that tracks and manages
defects and change requests throughout the development process. With ClearQuest,
you can manage every type of change activity associated with software development,
including enhancement requests, defect reports, and documentation modifications.
With Robot and ClearQuest, you can:
Submit defects directly from the TestManager log or SiteCheck.
Modify and track defects and change requests.
Analyze project progress by running queries, charts, and reports.
For information about using ClearQuest, see its manuals and Help.
Collecting Diagnostic Information During Playback
Use the Rational diagnostic tools to perform runtime error checking, profile
application performance, and analyze code coverage during playback of a Robot
Rational Purify is a comprehensive C/C++ run-time error checking tool that
automatically pinpoints run-time errors and memory leaks in all components of
an application, including third-party libraries, ensuring that code is reliable.
Rational Quantify is an advanced performance profiler that provides
application performance analysis, enabling developers to quickly find, prioritize
and eliminate performance bottlenecks within an application.
Rational PureCoverage is a customizable code coverage analysis tool that
provides detailed application analysis and ensures that all code has been
exercised, preventing untested code from reaching the end-user.
For information about playing back scripts under these products, see Setting
Diagnostic Tools Options
on page 9-11
. For information about using the diagnostic
tools, see their manuals and Help.