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Datapools in Unit Tests

Chapter 2 - Basic Concepts
By default, QualityArchitect assigns the datapool a name of
You can access and edit the datapool from the QualityArchitect console. To display
the console, click
Tools > QualityArchitect > Console
Datapools in Unit Tests
When you generate a unit test, QualityArchitect creates a datapool automatically.
QualityArchitect creates the new datapool and presents you with a dialog box in
which you can add rows of data. QualityArchitect uses the operation's parameters as
datapool columns and names the datapool
Because the datapool name and its column names are embedded in the script,
you will need to modify your script if you change the datapool name.
For an EJB example, see Generating EJB Test Assets on page 51. For a COM example, see
Generating COM Test Assets on page 102.
For detailed information on the use of datapools with other Rational Test products,
see the Help for TestManager and Rational® Robot.
openCheckingAcct method - columns generated for:
accountID, customerID, transaction ID, and openBalance
deposit method - columns generated for accountID and amount