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<< Requirements for Testing COM Components | Selectiing Unit Test Template >>
<< Requirements for Testing COM Components | Selectiing Unit Test Template >>

Generating COM Test Assets

Chapter 4 - Testing COM Components
An optional ActiveX DLL (RQACOMSample) that is associated with the Visual
Basic source project
This DLL is used for round-trip engineering.
Other components, such as Stdole and DAO, are included with COM.
Understanding the Logical View
The Logical View shows the packages, classes, interfaces, and operations in the
model, such as:
RQACOMSample (from COM)
The package that is created when the type library is imported. (In the sample
model, the type library has already been imported.) This package contains several
COM interfaces--
, and
RQACOMSample (from Reverse Engineered)
The package containing objects used in round-trip engineering of the source code.
For script generation, QualityArchitect uses the COM package.
Generating COM Test Assets
This section shows you how to generate the test scripts, stubs, datapools, and lookup
tables that you need to test COM components with QualityArchitect.
In a model it is possible to have more than one coclass that realizes the same
interface. In this case, when you generate a unit test script, QualityArchitect displays a
dialog box that prompts you to specify the coclass that you want to use.
Generating COM Unit Test Scripts and Datapools from a Rose Model
To try out the QualityArchitect unit test generation feature, you can use the
sample model that is installed with QualityArchitect. For example, you
can generate a unit test script for the
method, which is part of the
To generate the unit test and datapool:
If you haven't already done so, create a project with Administrator for maintaining
your test assets.
For details, see Adding a Project in the Administrator Help.