Test html_entity_decode() PHP Function - Converting HTML Entities to Characters

When data is embedded in HTML documents, special characters are resented in HTML entities to protect them from being interpreted by browsers. If you need them back, you can use the html_entity_decode() to convert them This page allows you to learn and test the html_entity_decode() function to convert HTML entities.

What are HTML entities?

HTML entities are escape sequences to represent special characters in HTML documents. For example:

  • '&' represents '&' (ampersand)
  • '"' represents '"' (double quote)
  • '&lt;' represents '<' (less than)
  • '&gt;' represents '>' (greater than)

How to use and test html_entity_decode() PHP function?

html_entity_decode(string) returns the input string with all HTML entities converted back to characters.

To help you learn and test html_entity_decode() function, FYIcenter.com has designed this online testing page. All you need to do is to enter the testing string in the form below and click the Start button. The converted string will be presented in the result area.


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