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<< VuGen creates a parameter | LoadRunner displays the parameter >>
<< VuGen creates a parameter | LoadRunner displays the parameter >>

Understanding Parameter Types

Working with VuGen Defining Parameters
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 5, page 61
Understanding Parameter Types
When you define parameters you select a data type. The data type indicates the
source of data. You can use data from a file (an existing file or one you create with
VuGen) or data generated internally by VuGen.
Data can be stored in local or global files. You can specify an existing file or create
a new one with VuGen. LoadRunner retrieves data from the file during the scenario
run. For more information about data files, see
Data Files
on page 72.
Internal data is data that is generated automatically during scenario execution. The
available internal data types are: group name, host name, Vuser ID, iteration
number, date/time, random number, or unique number.
For internal data types, you specify a format for the parameter. You can choose an
existing format or specify a new one.