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How to Test Your Wireless Connection Speed?

Wireless Testing Interview Questions and Answers

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How to Test Your Wireless Connection Speed?

1 There are multiple sites that provide free services to test multiple things affecting wireless connection speed. Some of the most commonly used sites are listed in the Resources section at the end of this article. Log on to a site that provides a speed test.

2 Depending on how exact you wish to be in testing your wireless connection speed, run one test or multiple tests. Depending on the site, tests are available for bandwidth, upload speed, download speed, ping and trace route. The higher the result of the test, the better when it comes to bandwidth, upload speed and download speed. The opposite is true of ping.

3 Note the results from the test(s). Run the tests again at various times in the day and compare the times to get a more accurate wireless connection speed. Doing the test at multiple times and at different points in the day or night is suggested because within each type of test, the results will vary. This variation occurs because of various factors such as network congestion and other downloads/uploads in progress.

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