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How is quality of wireless testing measured?

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How is quality of wireless testing measured?

Quality of Wireless is measured by
1.Determining Signal Strength
2.Calculating & Interpreting Signal Strength
3.Possible Problem (Diagnosis)

The quality of a wireless signal is measured with respect to thresholds of:
- BER (Bit Error Rate) which should be < 10^-6 or BLER (Block Error Rate)
- RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)
- SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)
- SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) which is P/N
- SINR (Signal to Interferance and Noise Ratio) or P/(N+I)
- SINADR (Signal-to-Interference plus Noise And Distortion Ratio).. and many more.

These parameters are evaluated based on the technology or standard in use. For example, in WiFI or 802.11, the RSSI is used as the link quality parameter to be used. However, all of the above contribute in one way or the other to the quality of the wireless link as noise, interference, environmental characteristics, power, frequency used... contribute to the loss or gain in the link's quality.

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