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Web Testing Checklist about Security - Disaster Recovery

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Testing Checklist about Security - Disaster Recovery

1. Have service levels been defined. (e.g., how long should recovery take?)
2. Are fail-over solutions needed?
3. Is there a way to reroute to another server in the event of a site crash?
4. Are executables, data, and content backed up on a defined interval appropriate for the level of risk?
5. Are disaster recovery process & procedures defined in writing? If so, are they current?
6. Have recovery procedures been tested?
7. Are site assets adequately Insured?
8. Is a third party "hot-site' available for emergency recovery?
9. Has a Business Contingency Plan been developed to maintain the business while the site is being restored?
10. Have all levels in organization gone through the needed training & drills?
11. Do support notification procedures exist & are they followed?
12. Do support notification procedures support a 24/7 operation?
13. Have criteria been defined to evaluation recovery completion / correctness?

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