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Web Site Testing Checklist - Error Handling

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Site Testing Checklist - Error Handling

? Are automatic error detection and recovery mechanisms built in to try to keep the system operating no matter what?
? If the system does crash, are the re-start and recovery mechanisms efficient and reliable?
? If you leave the site in the middle of a task does it cancel?
? If you lose your Internet connection does the transaction cancel?
? Does your solution handle interruptions in file transfer?
? Does your solution handle browser crashes?
? Does your solution handle network failures between Web site and application servers?
? Does your solution handle the database server becoming inaccessible?
? Does the application notify the user of transaction status?
? Does the site include 24 x 7 monitoring of performance?
? Email protocol/limitations of monitoring software - MAPI
? Does your site include Connectivity to a Paging System?
? Timing - continual, hourly, daily, weekly
? Hardware limitations - does the monitoring software have to run on a dedicated machine?
? Memory - leaks, cache, issues of resulting from continual running

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