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Web Site Testing Checklist - Internal Interfaces

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Site Testing Checklist - Internal Interfaces

? Can the Web site support users who can not perform downloads?
? Can the Web site work with firewalls?
? If the site uses plug-ins, can the site still be used without them?
? Can the site support all plug-ins that are needed for the Web site at various modem and PC speeds?
? Will all versions of plug-ins work together?
? Can all linked documents be supported/opened on all platforms (i.e. can Microsoft Word be opened on Solaris)?
? Do all plug-ins work with all Browsers?
? Does the site lose usability, if Java is not enabled?
? Do all plug-ins load properly?
? Are failures handled if there are errors in download?
? Does the site function with the use of "non-standard" hardware (speakers, cable modems, etc.)
? Can you Download Signed ActiveX Controls?
? Can you Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls?
? Can you initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe?
? Can you Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins?
? Can you Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting?
? Does your solution require cookies?
? Does your solution work even if users disable cookies?
? Does your solution allow per-session cookies?
? Does your solution require file downloads?
? What if a user does not want to download files, can the site still be used?
? Does your solution require special fonts?
? Does your solution require users to access data sources across multiple sites/domains?
? Can users apply drag and drop functionality?
? Can users use copy/paste functionality?
? Does your solution require the installation of any desktop items?
? Does your solution require the launching or installation of any files that require frames?
? Are you able to submit unencrypted form data?
? Does the site allow paste operations via scripts?

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