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Web Site Testing Checklist: General

Check List for Software Testing

Web Site Testing Checklist: General

? Are all tests being run on "clean" machines?
? Does the system do what it is intended to do?
? Does it provide the correct results?
? Does the system provide all the functions and features expected?
? Can the typical user run the system without aggravation?
? Is it easy to learn and use?
? Does the system provide or facilitate customer service? i.e. responsive, helpful, accurate?
? Can the accuracy and trustworthiness of the system easily be confirmed?
? Can the system easily be modified or fixed?
? Are the developers able to deliver or modify the system within the timeframe when it is needed?
? Do existing features, which have not been changed, perform the same way they did in earlier versions?
? Does the system make efficient use of hardware, network, and human resources?
? Does the system comply with the relevant technical standards?
? Does the system comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements?
? Can the system be validated to prove it works in an acceptable manner?
? Can some of the components be re-used in other systems?
? Can the system be quickly and easily installed on a variety of platforms by a variety of users?
? Are there planned future upgrade paths as the use of the system grows?
? Is information archived and easily retrievable?
? Is the Web site searchable?

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