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Randomizing DataSource rows


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Randomizing DataSource rows

There is no built in support for DataSources fetching random rows in SoapUI, but this can be achieved with some scripting. Structure your TestCase like this:


The TestSteps should contain the following:
Original DataSource

A DataSource test step for the actual data that you want to randomize. Use this as you would normally.
Collect row
1.// create list if necessary
2.if( context["allRows"] == null ) context["allRows"] = []
4.// append current row from Original Source to allRows
5.context["allRows"] << context.expand( '${Original Source#output}' )

Original loop

DataSource Loop that loops to Collect row (Target Step) for each row in Original Source (DataSource Step).
Shuffle collected rows

1.Collections.shuffle( context["allRows"] )
Groovy DataSource
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1.def row = testRunner.testCase.testSteps["Groovy DataSource"].currentRow 2.
3.if ( row + 1 <= context["allRows"].size() )
5. result["randomRow"] = context["allRows"][row]

Groovy DataSource loop
DataSource Loop that loops to the first test step using the random data (Target Step) for each row in Groovy DataSource (DataSource Step).

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