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JMeter Performance Basic concepts

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JMeter Performance Basic concepts

* The more it computes to create or process your samples, the less time it spends sampling, so when doing custom coding, ensure it is efficient

* Listeners receive Sample Results and do some processing with it, this takes resources (memory, CPU) so during Load Testing, a very simple rule is to REMOVE ALL LISTENERS ! , you will ask How can I use my results then ? , the answer is, you will do it after the run. So NEVER EVER have one of these listeners in your Test Plan during a Load Test :
o View Results in Table => OutOfMemory guarantee
o View Results in Tree => OutOfMemory guarantee
o Graph Results => Performance issues
o Assertion Results => OutOfMemory guarantee
o Comparison Assertion Visualizer
o Distribution Graph (alpha) => Performance issues
o Graph Results => Performance issues

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