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<< SDLC Testing Phase | Useful data needed in a test case >>
<< SDLC Testing Phase | Useful data needed in a test case >>

Test Design

Test Design Involves the breakdown of the functional and
performance requirements for the application into a series of test
cases. These test cases are documents that describe how a specific
functionality is going to be tested. In order to successfully test any
functionality, it is important that the test case completely
identifies what needs to be done. Also, the test case needs to
specify the sequential process that needs to be followed, any
results expected and include all other relevant pieces of
information. Table 1.1 contains a list of useful information that
would be found in a test case.
Test Name
The name that would be given to the test
script. This would allow a correlation
between the test case that describes what is
being tested and the test script that
performs the test.
The feature that is being tested.
The initial condition that must be met for
the feature being tested to be properly
User action
A sequential step-wise listing of actions
that the user is expected to perform in order
to appropriately test the desired
Expected result of each
The result that is expected after each action
performed by the user.
The condition in which the test
environment should be returned to on the
completion of this test.
Valid Test Data
Source and location where valid test data
can be found to test the functionality being
tested. This data will be either hard-coded
into the test script, or preferably, entered
into the data table and parameterized into
the test