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<< Optimized SDLC Timeline | Test Design >>

SDLC Testing Phase

Q: What is the best software development methodology?
A: This question is analogous to asking "what is the best programming
language?" Each methodology has its strong suit and expectedly its weaknesses.
All of them however, seek to make it easier for a project to be completed
successfully on-schedule, and on-budget.
SDLC Testing Phase
The testing phase as a part of the SDLC process governs the
preparation for testing, the management of testing resources and
the creation of test cases. It also manages the execution of these
tests as well the creation and tracking of defects found within the
software application.
Although there is less consensus about the phases of the
software testing process than there is about the SDLC process, you
can generally find that the testing software systems is broken
down in to the following phases:
Test Planning The goal of this phase is to create a process that
specifies the details as well as the logistics involved with the
testing process. It takes into account the tools that will be used to
test the application, the testing environment etc. Usually, a test
plan document results from this phase, describing in details such
crucial items as:
Roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the
testing process
Process of setting up the test environment
Obtaining and managing test data
Standards for test creation and execution
Preliminary schedule for testing
Test management process
The defecttracking process
Software tools that would be used through the testing