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<< Introduction to Testing | The Textpad application >>
<< Introduction to Testing | The Textpad application >>

The Windows Notepad application

This directly impacts the cost of development. You may be
familiar with the 1:10:100 rule of testing that states that the cost to
fix a defect increases exponentially the longer it takes to identify
the defect. Testing thereby helps ensure that the enduser is
provided with a quality product and an errorfree experience.
An example of the exponential growth in application features
can be seen in document editing software. Notepad, a standard
application shipped with all versions of Microsoft Windows and
shown in Figure 1.1, is a simple text editor capable of editing text
NOTE: The notepad application is accessible from Start Programs Accessories
Long since the standard for quick document editing exercises,
Notepad is rapidly losing its dominant place to a host of new tools
that provide more advanced features that are useful while editing
text documents. Textpad (
) shown in Figure 1.2
is an example of the new generation of text editors. The versatile
document editing application that can be used to edit documents
of many formats providing such useful features as formatting,
multiple document view and syntax highlighting.
Figure 1.2: The Textpad application