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<< Add Expense Test Case | Using the RapidTest Script Wizard >>
<< Add Expense Test Case | Using the RapidTest Script Wizard >>

Rapidtest Script Wizard

Sometimes you may want to start your test creation activity with
the shortest possible amount of preparation. This may be because
you are doing some adhoc testing or probably under a deadline
to deliver some results. It may also be that you want to quickly
complete the process of GUI Map creation. Whatever the case may
be, for this jumpstart approach, WinRunner provides a tool that
can be used to quickly create a GUI Map and some automated
tests. This tool is known as the RapidTest Script Wizard.
The RapidTest Script Wizard is a wizard tool. Similar in nature
to some of the wizards we have discussed in this book such as the
DataDriver Wizard. Wizards are helper tools that make
performing complex tasks easier. A wizard gathers details from
you about the operation you want to perform using a series of
steps. After gathering all relevant information, the wizard
performs the needed operation.
The RapidTest Script Wizard performs exactly like this. It
displays a series of pages to the user, with each page asking for
some information. Once this information gathering is complete,
the wizard creates products based on the answers that were
The WinRunner RapidTest Script Wizard can perform the
following tasks:
1. Automatically learn all the objects that exist in an
application and save this into a GUI Map file.
2. Create 3 different types of tests.